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Metallic Constructions



Our project department is equipped with all the know-how and calculation, detail and modeling programs for metal structures and metalwork in order to respond to any required project. With direct interconnection with the factory, data is exported directly to the processing equipment.


Our large factory is equipped with the most modern handling, design and manufacturing technology. From cranes to the painting line, to CNC profile and sheet processing equipment, and welding equipment, we are equipped with the most efficient ones. Quality control of the production process is continuous and transversal. Our processing capacity is 500 tons/month of metallic structures.


Our own assembly teams, equipped with modern and efficient means, allow us to properly implement our projects on the ground.
The services of these employees are inseparable from the final quality of the projects, meaning that these teams have the necessary skills for assembly work on site, and their training is permanently updated in hygiene and safety and in the technological and professional aspects.